Our Mission

Make everyone's day better!

Make the best cup of coffee!

At Journey Canyon, we want to be a special part of your day. Whether you are headed to work or going for a hike, we want to brighten your journey and make you feel good! We also want to make sure you get the best cup of coffee possible. With our highest quality ingredients and well trained baristas, we strive to give you a drink to remember! 

Our coffee beans come from Oddly Correct out of Kansas City and we carry a variety of their products! They are all about providing a great cup of coffee and breaking the elitist vibe that the coffee world often brings!

Journey works to find the absolute best products for our customers. Unlike many coffee shops, we use sauces instead of syrups for most of our drinks! Try our Really Good Caramel Latte hot, iced, or frozen! It is REAL caramel sauce, no corn syrup added, and it's REALLY good!

If you are hungry, we are happily partnering with Brent's Cafe in Amarillo and Cake Company of Canyon! Brent's food is all gluten free and we are serving bacon, broccoli jack, and chorizo quiches, green chile chicken enchiladas, and blueberry muffins! We have several sweet treats like scones, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls and more from Cake Company! If you are not in the mood for a full meal we carry Modern Oats oatmeal with a variety of delicious flavors! 

We also provide alternative milk options. Our most popular is our oat milk! We also carry coconut and almond milk!

Working on your diet? We have sugar free syrups and sauces available, as well as reduced fat milk! You can also make that decaf! 

Not a coffee fan? We have a variety of loose leaf hot or iced teas from Rishi Tea, natural fruit smoothies, Chai, Honey Matcha, and Apple Cider! 

We look forward to serving you! Let us make your journey better!


About Us

Noah and Stephanie Littlejohn are the owners of Journey Canyon! Stephanie grew up in Canyon and Noah grew up in Amarillo. Their journey together began in the WT symphony where both played instruments in the orchestra while both working on their Music Education degrees. They soon married and started teaching for AISD. When they weren't teaching, they would frequent local coffee shops and became passionate about coffee. Their home espresso bar began to expand and they roasted their own beans. In their travels they would search out whatever coffee shops they could find and would observe the things they loved about each. This sparked an idea to bring all of those things that were memorable about each shop under one roof! Thus, Journey Canyon was born.